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There’s a different theme at the RNC than what we viewed at the DNC. Anyone else noticing this? If you look at the crowd it looks more like a “Stepford Wives” cult classic reunion. Not a very diverse audience and you would think with the big republican machine a few “token” minorities could be bought to “spruce” up the color. The theme of country first and the tone of the speakers has me wondering if I am not patriotic enough…or for that matter, an American at all?!?! I certainly don’t carry the same beliefs as the majority of the crowd at the Xcel Center, so am I to believe that I am not really an American if I don’t fall in line?

Senator Lieberman repeatedly called himself a democrat when he is an independent, which is ironic as his thinking is clearly independent of actual intelligence. Michele Bachmann is a complete moron, and if re-elected, I will re-think Minnesotans rankings in American statistics as “the best read,” etc. that we usually fall into.

    I would like to revisit some key points :

1. In 2004 the republicans tore down a purple heart Vietnam vet in John Kerry. In 2008 they tout a Vietnam vet as the best to lead in John McCain
2. In 2000 they took credit for the economy for the previous 8 years under Bill Clinton. In 2008 they blame the democrats for the last 8 years because of what the Clinton administration left us with.
3. The democrats will raise your taxes and create all sorts of programs that will increase the nation’s debt as they are more about big government and less on fiscal “conservatism.” If you know ANYTHING about politics…republicans ALWAYS outspend democrats (of course there spending is what is essential for the country). Democrats are more fiscally responsible than the conservative republicans.
4. No one denies what an incredibly smooth running, high tech, and efficient campaign Senator Obama runs. No one in history has been able to accomplish what he has done in this election year… NO ONE! Imagine what will happen when he turns that same machine on our budget!
5. Does experience matter? Did George Bush’s experience help our country? Enough said! If Senator Obama’s lack of experience is something that the country should be afraid of, what does it say when McCain selects Governor Palin as a running mate? See Campbell Brown’s interview of McCain Senior Aide Tucker Bounds. Does Senator Obama’s experience in running a campaign that has a budget 3 times that of Governor Palin’s entire yearly budget every month show his ability to not only balance a budget, but run one as efficiently as one can be run. Can we say Hypocrisy?
6. Leadership and the Ability to Govern. Senator Obama has made all the “Wright” choices while McCain is showing some great judgment in his VP pick! From Senior Aides to campaign finance to VP picks, Senator Obama has continued to show vast differences than Senator McCain. It’s not experience that will make you a great president…it’s the people you surround yourself with. Examples: Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Don Evans, Paul O’Neil, and so on, and so on…
7. An America in good standing with the world community. John McCain has shown he has no “sense and sensibility.” They call him a Maverick…More like a loose cannon.
8.Character: The ever growing number of illiterates in this country that believe Obama is 1. A Muslim that will bring down the country from within (He’s a Christian – with a funny name), 2. Isn’t patriotic because of a pin lapel (I can’t remember the last time I saw someone in public wearing one – ever!), or 3. Turns his back during the pledge of allegiance (he leads the Senate in the saying of the Pledge of allegiance – doh!), you need to get some education. Wait – the Bush administration continues to cut that by 3 billion per year to fund a war that McCain wants to keep spending on. How long was Senator McCain married to his first wife? Depends on if you count the marriage officially over when he cheated on his wife when she became disabled with his current wife. True Grit Senator! Is this what the Evangelical base support?
8. Anyone else tired of hearing the “Fear Factor” from the Republicans? Every single time they open their mouths! I think Verbal Kent said it best in “The Usual Suspects” when he says: “Keaton always said, I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.” Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is John McCain.” Keyser Soze…John McCain, My butt…Your face; what’s the difference. Something like that anyway???
9. In another irony… To see the excitement in the conservative base with Pro-life vs. abortion heating up with Governor Palin’s selection reminds me of, “what exactly is the definition of Pro-Life?” It seems that everytime Iraq and country safety is brought up the entire crowd roars in approval. Much like the roll call, yay nay voting process of nominations. I can conclude that they all unanimously support the war. If this is definitely the case and they are truly “pro-life,” then why do they support a war? If you are going to be Pro-Life you better be Pro-Life all the way baby! You can’t pick and chose who lives or who dies…
10.You hear republicans talk of how democrats are all about government and wanting to control everyones lives. How about our personal freedoms in the constitution that are ignored with illegal wiretaps, spying, and their “1984″ mentality. Who is trying to control you more?? When it comes to the constitution the republicans have the “right” to do as they please. They counter with, “These are tough times,” or “In a world we now live in,” and such to base their reasoning for altering their take on the constitution. I liken it to Louis Anderson’s take on the second ammendment. “I don’t think our fore fathers imagined AK47 assault rifles when they put this one in.” As he takes a few minutes to reload his air musket. Again, if times change and the constitution should be updated…You don’t have the right to pick and choose which one’s can be altered without discussion.

…I think I have had enough over the last 8 years of the “Usual Suspects.” A lot is made of John McCain’s age and history of cancer. His policy’s and views are outdated which shows his age more than the rings in his trunk. It’s time for a fresh face, a brilliant mind, and someone who can take todays challenges head on rather than holding onto the same failed policies of the past 8 years…This is a time when those challenges have to be met with a sharp mind and young enthusiasm… It’s “No Country for an Old Man” to bring us there.

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