Dying to Live     2011
219 pages      Romance  |  Comedy  |  Drama

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A Stillwater Minnesota man finds that sometimes all we need in life is something we haven't been searching for at all. Sometimes it's right under our nose the whole time.

Director: Cameron Crowe
Writer: Gregory Scott
Stars: John Cusack, Jennifer Connelly, Lea Michele

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Cast & Crew

John Cusack   ...Gregory Scott  
  Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly   ...Michele  
  Lea Michele

Lea Michele   ...Viktoria  
  Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson   ...Kathy  
  Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi   ...Rick  
  Amy Smart

Amy Smart   ...Kelly  
  Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen   ...Young Lisa  
  Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart   ...Older Lisa  
  Gillian Anderson

Gilian Anderson   ...Geri  


    This is a tale based loosely on some real events that help shape one mans life of what appears to be living out ones existence with no direction. With every love of a lifetime comes another personal obstacle or tradgedy. Sometimes you see signs and believe this may be "your time." Reflections of the past bring clarity to the present and future. How every turn in the road and path taken has led down a path of despair until he thinks his life isn't worth living. In a night of clarity, a road trip the next day, and a daughters love to guide him, he has to determine if he is living to die or Dying to Live ...Written by: Gregory Scott

Genres:   Drama   |   Romance   |   Comedy  

Book Association of America Rating (BAAR)
Rated for some suggestive sexuality, drug and alcohol references, brief language.

Country: United States
Language: English | Gibberish
Release Date: 31 December 2010 (US)
Locations: Ogilvie | Mora | St. Cloud | Stillwater | Eagen | Eden Prairie | Robbinsdale

Opening Weekend: $20.00
Gross: $192.62

Production Co: LULU, Amazon Kindle

Runtime: 219 pages

BOOKmeter: Up 469% in popularity this week.

During the writing of Dying to Live it took two weeks to write the first 100 pages. The next six years 45 pages were written. On December 29th - 31st, 2010 the last 65 pages were finished.

When looking for the person to portray Michele in the book Gregory turned to Match.com and went on several interviews before finding the perfect person to play the role in a gorgeous long haired brunette from White Bear Lake Minnesota.

Even some of the completely fictional parts in the novel were based loosely on life experiences.

In order to find someone to play Megan, Gregory's daughter, he turned to his wife and they had sex countless times until she became pregnant and bore the fruit that became Megan in the novel.

The book was started in Eden Prairie, MN. Then moved to Robbinsdale, MN after the seperation and divorce. The writings continued and the end was conceived while living in St. Croix Beach, MN. The completion of the novel was finished in Stillwater, MN

In the book someone writes on Gregory's forehead "I have big nipples" while passed out by the bonfire drunk one night. In real life Gregory does NOT have big nipples.

Gregory Scott: Look at all the midgets!
Grandma Dorothy: They're little people not midegets... and quit staring!

Heidi the cow: Mooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Gregory Scott: Heidi's in heat
Sister Tracy: Yeah, it sure is hot outside!

Special thanks to... Jesus, Kathy, Geri, Megan, Michele, Rick, Jay, Tim S, Kerry, Carole, Eric, Greg, Keith, Billy, Steve, Krapper, Wade, Tall Paul, Skinny Minnie, Tim D, Paul, Russ, Dean, Kenny, Big Bird and Old Maid, Gail, Bruce, Tracy, Todd, Mom, Dad, Jason, Heather, Victoria, Brian, Miss Thies, Bev, Santa, Grandma Dorothy, Grandpa Chappie, The midgets at the car wash, Roosevelt and Heidi the cows, Officer Fluff, Gomer Pyle


...from Dying to Live
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      As kids you thought there should be some kind of medicine to cure him. As it turned out, the medicine he was about to receive was a shovel to the head and a quick burial. We had relatives over and as was usual my dad was nowhere to be found. Unless you were in Avon that is and then he could be spotted quite easily in his empty bar drinking his business away. Its quite cruel the ribbing you get from your relatives in a time that is not easy. Im sure my mom would have rather had my dad do these unimaginable deeds. My mom came back from the woods and someone shouted, Dont piss her off or you're next.

      My mom disappeared for a while to what Im guessing was a good hard cry. Her eyes were puffy when she came back and she was shaky at best. I think she was madder at my dad than sad at the things she had done in the past few weeks. If this were a take from George Orwells Animal Farm then the animals might think she was becoming the Ted Bundy to the animal kingdom. She was to be much more feared than Farmer Jones!!

      Over the next month we were losing two to five chickens a night. Their heads were always eaten and the blood drained from their bodies. Each morning when I would head out to do chores I would find them in each corner of the chicken coup. We had moved the chickens into the barn with our other animals because we thought it to be safer for them. You may be thinking to yourself that my mother had finally lost it and was now biting the heads off our chickens and drinking their blood under the moonlit nights.


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